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Top Reasons Why Your Children Should Play Sports

Top Reasons Why Your Children Should Play Sports

Getting involved in sports, whether individual or team-based, is a fantastic way for children to develop their social, physical, and emotional skills on the playing field. Sports also teach children about the value of goal-setting and practice.

At Burruss Family Child Care, a provider of high-quality child care in Redding, California, we’ve put together the top three reasons why we think children should play sports.

  1. Self-confidence
    When kids accomplish their goals on the field, they learn to trust in their abilities which boosts their self-esteem.
  2. Healthy lifestyle
    Kids who participate in sports are more likely to be of normal weight. In addition, engaging in physical activities is a great way to reduce stress and to loosen up.
  3. Social skills development
    Playing on a team means working towards a common goal, communicating effectively with your members, and supporting each other. Kids also learn leadership skills, problem-solving skills, and sportsmanship.

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