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Morning Routine: Getting Kids Ready for Day Care

Morning Routine: Getting Kids Ready for Day Care

Making your kids get up in the morning is a typical cause of morning madness. As an in-home day care in California, most of the parents we meet are experiencing this ordeal every day

If you’re also going through this situation, it’s time to streamline your kids’ routine. This way, you’ll get everyone out of the door on time.

  • Prepare the night before.

    Ask your kids what they want to eat for the next day’s lunch. Once they’ve made their pick, you can start cooking the night before.

  • Create a chart.

    Design a picture chart that reflects your child’s morning routine. You can add tasks like making the bed, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and brushing their teeth.

  • Wake up before the kids.

    You’ll have to wake up at least 10 minutes before your children. This way you’ll get to drink your morning coffee and pack their bags.

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