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How to Get Your Babies to Sleep Well

How to Get Your Babies to Sleep Well

Generally, babies have a completely different sleep cycle compared to adults. In facts, infants sleep about 16 hours a day, usually 8 hours during the day and another 8 hours at night.

As a reliable preschool in California, we provide you with some ways on how to help your babies sleep better and longer.

  • Newborns should sleep on his or her back – for all sleep times. You can put your baby in a crib, bassinet or play yard with a tight-fitting sheet.
  • Keep the sleeping area free from blankets, pillows, and toys. The crib should be bare.
  • Start establishing a bedtime routine. You can start by giving your baby a warm bath.
  • Try putting your baby to bed drowsy but still awake. If you make it a habit to hold or rock your baby until he or she is completely asleep, this may make it hard for your newborn to go back to sleep if she wakes up at night.

Here at Burruss Family Care, a reliable provider of child care in Redding, California, your little ones’ well-being and safety is our main concern. So please keep in mind to talk with your pediatrician if you have questions about any of the tips listed above.

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