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Burruss Family Child Care consists of staff members who altogether contribute to your child’s development. They devote themselves to providing the students with an experience in which their physical, social, and emotional needs are met. Our team has undergone a stringent recruitment process to ensure that we provide only the highest quality of education possible among our young ones and peace of mind to their families.

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Our Staff
  • Nicole BurrussNicole Burruss has a Bachelors in Accountancy and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). In 2020 she left her position as the Senior Director of Finance and Child Care Operations for the Shasta YMCA to work full time in the business. She is now the primary operator and co-owner of Burruss Family Child Care. She has a great passion for children. She is a loving mother of three children and a grandmother. Along with Joe, Nicole is a co-guardian of four additional children.
  • Joe BurrussJoe Burruss has a Bachelors in Accountancy and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). From 2013 to 2021 he was the primary operator and co-owner, of Burruss Family Child Care. Joe is a loving father of three children and a grandfather. He started out in child care by watching his sister’s children as a favor. Later, his sister passed due to cancer. After taking co-guardianship of four of her six children, Joe started and grew his child care business to help accommodate the child care needs of their newly expanded family. In 2021, Joe began working outside of the house but still helps Nicole with child care.
  • Andrea CabutuanAndrea Cabututan has been an employee of Burruss Family Child Care since 2017. She is an integral part of the family business. She loves the children and the children love her. She is majoring in early childhood education. After finishing at Shasta College, she plans to achieve her master’s degree and eventually become a director of child care at a preschool. She is great at everything! She is a great cook, a great teacher, and so much more.
  • Madi Duarte has been a part time employee for Burruss Family Child Care since 2018. She wears many hats and assists the other staff with a variety of tasks. Additionally, she has been a certified life guard and worked for the City of Redding as a life guard. She is the most experienced at providing swimming lessons to the children. She is a college student majoring in music management and plans to become a producer. She has developed wonderful bonds with the children.
  • Vince Child care workerVincent Burruss is the youngest son of Joe and Nicole. He has been an assistant for Burruss Family Child Care since 2020. He works occasionally on an as needed basis. Vincent is typically in charge of craft time. Many of the creative crafts posted on Facebook were spearheaded by him. He is somewhat of a jokester and keeps the children entertained quite well. Unfortunately, he refuses to change diapers, but he is useful in so many other ways!
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Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of child care possible in Redding, California.

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