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4 Tips for Choosing Child Care

4 Tips for Choosing Child Care

Whether you choose family daycare, a formal child care center, or in-home care, there are some basic things that you should know and check before entrusting your child to the care of others.

To help you make this important decision, Burruss Family Child Care lists down 4 tips when choosing a child care provider.

  1. Observe the Staff
    When meeting with a potential child care provider, observe how the staff interacts with the children. Ideally, a caregiver should be on the floor playing with the children or making eye-to-eye contact when interacting with them. Pay close attention to how they talk to the children too.
  2. Check Their Child Care Philosophies and Policies
    Find out if you share the same parenting philosophies on topics, such as:
    • Feeding (i.e., What meals and snacks are provided?)
    • Sleeping (i.e., When are naps offered, and how often?)
    • Discipline (i.e., Do the caregivers use time-outs?)

    The more questions that you ask beforehand, the less likely you are to have problems later on.

  3. Ask for a Commitment
    Infants need consistent care – it helps them for a secure attachment to their caregivers. If you are looking for an in-home caregiver, ask if they can make a one-year commitment. If you are considering a child care center, find out how long the current staff has been working there and how much turnover they experience.
  4. Tour the Facility
    Word-of-mouth referrals from other trusted resources and parents are important. However, you should not make your decision based on that alone. You need to visit and tour the facility yourself to check whether it meets your standards and needs. Any good child care environment should be childproofed, clean, and well-stocked with age-appropriate toys and learning materials.

Bonus Tip:

Trust your gut. When deciding on child care in Redding, California, make sure to trust your instincts. Every parent knows when something doesn’t feel right. If something doesn’t sit well with you, don’t be afraid to explore other options in your area.

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